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Reading a new article on organized crime in Germany, one would more than likely get the immpression that organized crime in Germany is in large part due to foriegners. The German government has indeed seemed to be operating on a campaign of "pointing the finger" at foriegn criminal groups. The percentage of mafia activity that the German government will unwillingly state to being conducted by Germans is a little under 50%. It has been known that along with the Germans, there are also Russian, Italian, and Polish mobsters operating in Germany, along with some Turkish and Vitnamese gangs. While knowing of these different groups and a the cooperation between the Russians and Germans, I had believed that the Italians had only minimal contact with the Germans and that there was virtually no contact with the Turks or Vitnamese. However recent evidence seems to suggest more German involvment in "foriegn" crime than what may have been believed by most.