Police Avert German Mafia War

Confiscate a cache of weapons in Jomtien

A squadron of Pattaya police, armed with a search warrant, searched the Condo Villa Germania in Jomtien on October 23 after learning that two German Mafia organizations were preparing for a war. Officers had received tips that weapons sales were transpiring at the condominium. Jocmen Hartel and Detlef Gloutsbach are now behind bars after being caught with a cache of weapons allegedly for use in a local German Mafia war. Entering one suspect's room, officers found Mr. Detlef Gloutsbach, 40, a German national, with weapons in his possession. Officers confiscated a .357 with 50 rounds of ammunition, and 25 rounds of ammunition for a rapid fire weapon. Police also found pistol with a 6 inch barrel registered in the name of Police Sergeant Suwan Sukhsuwan, 42, of Chonburi. Officers arrested Gloutsbach, charging him with possession of illegal weapons. Officers then went to the 11th floor of the condominium and found Mr. Jocmen Qert Hartel (sic), 54, of Berlin. Officers found in his possession 1 7.65 CZ Super Magazine and 8 rounds of ammunition. Knives were also found. Hartel was also charged with possession of illegal weapons. Police Colonel Phirom Pariyakon of the Foreign Crimes Division said the raid was made after police received information that there was to be a 'Mafia war' because of a disagreement over who was to be the Head of the Board of Directors of the Condominium. The Colonel said that the two Germans were also involved in other illegal businesses in Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Both were remanded to custody and await full charging and trial.

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